About Us


Keswick Active Health Group was created in a desire to bring balance and wellness to our clients’ lives despite the ever-increasing pace and demands of our culture.

We make different treatment plans for our patients. These plans are based on the ailment they suffer from, the intensity of the pain/condition and other such factors including motor vehicle accident injuries. With our services, you can get maximum functional restoration and improved quality of life.

OUR priorities

We focus on improving and maintaining mobility. Increasingly sedentary lifestyles and aging are two major causes of increased injuries by decreasing your mobility and flexibility.

Here at Keswick Active Health Group, we take pride in guiding our patients to take an active role in their own health. Our dedicated healthcare providers understand the importance of using a combination of both natural and conventional approaches to helping you overcome your health concerns.

From aligning your spine and joints through chiropractic adjustments to prescribing different physical therapy techniques to relieve pain and improve mobility, Offering soft tissue mobilization’s, massage therapy, chiropractic mobilizations and providing comprehensive health check-ups


Keswick Active Health Group gives you the opportunity to expand your mind, develop your interests and feel inspired to take on new challenges physically and mentally.

Keswick Active Health Group brings together the very best health professionals under one roof, a passionate team dedicated to helping you live a happier, healthier life.

Every detail at Keswick Active Health Group has been carefully considered to enhance your wellness journey, so you leave feeling like your best self — strong, calm and happy.
Keswick Active Health Group believes Health is Freedom. The freedom of moving without aches, stiffness or pain. The freedom to take on physical tasks and activities without fear of injury. The freedom to live your optimum life.
OUR beliefs


Our goal to is to enhance lives. Our foundation with regards to treatment is based on our roots,
with longstanding traditions in the field of physiotherapy- and manual treatments.

We pride ourselves of always striving to excel and be frontrunners within the physiotherapy community.
We never compromise quality and standard of approaching the client in order to offer the best treatment.