Heel Pain & Treatments That Work

Heel pain is an all-too-common condition – and unfortunately, way too many people continue enduring that pain day after day without finding the treatment they need. There are two important facts to understand about heel pain: If you have had chronic heel pain which is recurrent, odds are low it will go away on its … Read more

Cutera Laser Vein Therapy

vascular laser by Cutera laser for skin rejuvenation, removing scars, veins, skin discoloration and more. Shows screen starting up for procedure.

Cutera Laser Genesis is an advanced vascular laser system that uses a longer, more ideal wavelength paired with the most flexible parameters to effectively treat a broad range of facial and leg veins. From spider veins to deep blue reticular veins, our laser treatment can quickly, effectively and safely reduce the visibility of these veins. … Read more

Compression Socks & Sclerotherapy

Compression Hosiery. Medical Compression stockings and tights for varicose veins and venouse therapy. Socks for man and women. Clinical compression knits. Comfort maternity tights for pregnant women.

Who should wear Compression socks? Compression socks/stockings are used to improve blood circulation in your legs which helps reduce inflammation and pain. We recommend using them after any vascular laser treatment, including Sclerotherapy. They can also be used to treat and manage a wide variety of conditions, such as: Edema Venous Insufficiency Varicose Veins Deep … Read more

Keswick Active Health Group…it’s a lifestyle.

Waiting room at Keswick Active Health Group with brown chairs, sign and coffee table.

When you come to Keswick Active Health Group, you experience remedies that will give you an improvement to your daily living. We want to give you the opportunity to expand your mind, develop your interests and feel inspired to take on new challenges physically and mentally.  Through our many services, and customized high-quality care plans, … Read more